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Industrial greenhouse complex AzAgro is the largest industrial enterprise combining cutting-edge technology which has focused its activities on organization of production process of flowers. The company is part of one of the largest investment holdings in Azerbaijan-Synergy Group OJSC and since 2012 under an agreement with the Dutch "DLV" company has been  engaged in the production of  rose varieties such as Avalanche, Candy Avalanche, Myrna, Wow, Fiorenza, Peach Avalanche, Red Naomi that are qualifying products of leading brands "De Ruiter", "Lex+" and "Schreurs". These varieties have already gained popularity in the local market and have  daily increasing consumer demand.
Being one of the most successful discoveries of "Lex+" has a white, large and charming bud. 
“Red Naomi” 
Is number one in our company, as well as, in the flower sector in terms of sales. Has a peculiar bud with tight dark-red velvet petals.

“Candy Avalanche” 
Is a productive variety that combines  white and pink colors.
A new variety of rose. It is red and durable.

"Peach Avalanche"- 
Is obtained by experimental mutagenesis from Avalanche, a hardy rose variety that combines pink and orange colors. 

"Spray roses"
"Spray roses include following varieties: "Alegria", "B-bubbles", "Hot-bubbles", "Super-bubbles".
Because of the morphological structure these flowers have got more than buds and an umbrella shape. Although they have relatively low yields, in contrast to the conventional roses,  their entourage is richer and price is higher. This segment is accepted as a new trend in floriculture, and has a specific consumer audience.

"Alegria"– is an orange rose and has invigorating properties. 
"B-bubbles"– a combination of two colors, white and red. 
"Hot-bubbles" – has wild red color, rather bright buds, with catchy tints. 
"Super-bubbles"– has a perfect white color, without any impurities.

The products manufactured by the company and all products listed are of high quality and  delivered in sterile conditions meeting international standards, at a temperature of 3-4 C in a solid package.

Has a unique and remarkable appearance and a charming shape and color. These features were logically the main reasons that gave its name to the type. It was firstly introduced in the local market by our company and has gained great popularity.
Has a dark-red bud, stem length is 60-80 cm, average prickliness.